Drive more conversions for your clients and get more business.

“Kissmetrics gave us the ability to be certain and confident of what we’re suggesting to our clients.”
– Mike Hill, Media Management Association

See who your clients’ best customers are and where they come from.

Finding new customers and turning them into repeat customers is difficult. But if you can see who is more likely to convert and where to get these customers, you could optimize your clients’ campaigns with confidence.

Take a look at this Funnel Report. 33% of people who added items to their cart completed the checkout process–but you can see which campaigns have a higher conversion rate.

From here, you can find make hypotheses on where people are getting stuck in the funnel, then make recommendations to increase the conversion rate.

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To find out who your best customers are, you can see a profile of every visitor that makes it to your site in Kissmetrics. Combine this data with all of your visits, and you can target the right people.

See what your website visitors do in Kissmetrics

“I created a ton of metrics that pass through all PII values as someone goes through our clients’ funnel. I can show them that a married person converts 35% greater than a single person.”

-Mike Hill, Media Management Association

A/B test down to the bottom line.

In Kissmetrics, you can see if your split tests significantly improved your client’s bottom line. You can confidently declare a winner according to the conversion you define, not just a click.

Tie all your clients’ campaign performance to revenue

When your clients spend large budgets with you, they want to know how much their business earns on their money spent. In Kissmetrics, you can see revenue data broken down by the first traffic source:

“For, not only are we able to increase traffic to basic membership by 214% but we now have ways to increase our monthly recurring revenue significantly by converting more free members to paid.”
-Dave Chaffey, CEO at SmartInsights

How do I set this up?

The amount of time it will take to implement a customer analytics tool will depend on your 1) resources available and 2) your processes in place.

It all depends on your level of preparation and how many integrations you need.

We have premium onboarding and implementation packages–if you want to leave the technical part to us.

If not, here are 2 ways to get started:

1. Install the JavaScript and use our codeless tracking tool.

You’ll need a developer’s help (unless you can do this yourself, of course!) installing the Kissmetrics JavaScript code onto every page of your website. After that, you can save them time by tracking most of the events yourself without writing code.

2. Use an integration
  1. Segment: After you install Segment’s JavaScript code into your website, you can test out Kissmetrics.
  2. Shopify: Instead of messing with theme files or paying hundreds for a developer to do it for you, copy and paste the API Key you get from Kissmetrics.
  3. Woocommerce: Connect your shopping cart to your analytics by using this WordPress plugin. The Kissmetrics JavaScript code snipped will be automatically installed with important events and properties already set up for you.

Here’s what to do next:

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