Help us build simple, elegant solutions that make you and our customers happy.

Do you like simple solutions?

If you like approaching hard problems with simple solutions, you’ll love working with us. We are building the company we want to work for everyday and we encourage everyone to take part in coming up with simpler, better ways to do things. “Done” trumps “perfect”.

You need to be happy.

Here are just some of the perks we have at Kissmetrics that make our lives more fun and enjoyable.

  • Location

    You have the option of working at our office in the heart of San Francisco.

  • Flexibility

    Work how you want, we believe in the freedom that motivates you.

  • Equipment

    We'll help you get your desk just the way you like it. BTW, we love our Apple gear.

  • Conferences

    We attend conferences to speak and listen, we love giving back to the community.

  • Lunches

    San Francisco is home to some of the best restaurants in the world. Let's try them all together!

  • Health Coverage

    We help with healthcare coverage for you and your family and promote healthy living.

  • All Hands

    We're a global company but still close. We periodically fly everyone out to SF and catch up.

  • Small teams

    We ♥ small teams. You have the freedom to work both independently and in small teams.

  • Variety

    Would you like to try something new? Wear multiple hats, learn and grow.

We're always looking for great people!

We have multiple opportunities available in Customer Success, Design, Engineering, Marketing, and Sales. Introduce yourself and send us a link to something you’re proud of.

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