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The truth is, setting up analytics with the right customer data isn’t an easy task: first there’s the JavaScript snippet, then there’s code to track actions throughout your site. That’s a lot of back-and-forth between you and your developer. But with Click To Track, you can set up events yourself and free up engineering hours–without touching a line of code. Ready to get started? Start a free trial >

Here’s why you’ll love Click To Track

Point-and-click tracking
Get the metrics you want without knowing how to code. Define and track your events by clicking on key elements of your website.

Track the right customer data
Kissmetrics shows you actions and conversion metrics tied back to the people coming to your site. You’ll be able to track your entire customer journey and make better marketing decisions without drowning in useless data.

Analytics for anyone in your company
Developers, marketers and anyone who wants richer analytics can jump in. Don’t let process and time get in the way of tracking what matters to your company.

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