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There's a reason that so many customers trust us to help grow their business.
“Kissmetrics helped us reduce churn by 50% and provides us with powerful insights to gain an understanding of our users.”
Guillaume Cabane, Head of Growth Marketing
"Kissmetrics provides powerful insights that now drives our decision-making process. We saw a 30% increase in conversions by utilizing their tool."
Brad Hanks, Marketing Manager
“Kissmetrics’ Analytics helped with essential data collection, and when we added Engage, we saw a 750% lift in conversions by running a notification to display a flash sale.”
Julien Ott, Co-Founder and General Manager
“After shipping the new experience, we saw a 25% boost in our 'Trial Interaction' metric, measured using Kissmetrics Cohort Reports — a huge success. ”
Dave Shackelford, Product Manager
“Over only a few weeks, we were able to achieve a 50% increase in the users entering the checkout process and an additional 20% improvement in the number of users purchasing a subscription.”
Alex Acker, Senior Manager, Marketing & Insights

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