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Tom Hebert is the Director of Performance Optimization at Ecwid, a full-featured ecommerce platform that lets you set up a professional online store in minutes that seamlessly integrates to social sites and marketplaces. This is Tom’s story on how Ecwid uses Kissmetrics to ramp up their A/B Testing to increase conversions on their website.

The business challenge

When I first started at Ecwid, there was little infrastructure for A/B testing. We tried VWO and Optimizely for our website, but we weren’t able to test within our application.

I set off in search for a tool that would provide better insights into A/B testing. Before Kissmetrics, all reporting and data requests were routed through our data analytics team. It was frustrating not having the capability to run my own reports. But the worst part was the delay in receiving results, which slowed down our ability to grow our website conversions and product adoption.

We had challenges getting thorough and meaningful test results quickly, which decreased the amount of insights we uncovered on a regular basis. We’re a fairly small company, and we like to move quickly—but waiting for metrics every week hindered our speed to grow.

Beyond report timeliness, website user behavior was anonymous. In order to find out who was doing what, we would have to combine various reports, but we struggled to segment the results the way we wanted to. Using Google Analytics alone, we couldn’t find out how each segment was performing.

How Kissmetrics helped

Personally, having Kissmetrics in my arsenal felt like a victory. I instantly felt more productive being able to provide more insights to our marketing efforts, which gave me more confidence in the recommendations I was making. Before, my hypotheses were based on experience, emotion, or limited metrics. But now, I know what truly is a problem and what isn’t based on more complete data. Kissmetrics is great at highlighting what the important metrics are so we can focus on growth.

Using Kissmetrics allowed us to accelerate our A/B testing so we can improve our conversion rate even faster. These tests we perform have a direct impact on our revenue, so anything we can do to ramp up our efforts will grow our business. Even though some tests fail, it’s better to find out sooner rather than later so we can address right away.

On top of the results we achieved, we even have company-wide buy-in for Kissmetrics. Ecwid employees love having real-time visibility of our data, and its acceptance is growing rapidly within the organization. In other words, there is much more visibility to how well the marketing team is performing!

The results

With the ability to access our own reports at any time, we’ve become an A/B testing powerhouse. Our marketing team can independently build and manage tests and make rapid, incremental improvements to website conversion.

Because of our ability to test and track results more quickly, Kissmetrics helped increase our conversion rate by more than 17% in just 6 months. We have a better understanding of our user behavior and can make better decisions to grow the business.

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