How Kissmetrics Tracking Works

As of July 30, 2011 Kissmetrics uses standard first-party cookies to generate a random identity assigned to visitors to our customers sites. This identity by itself does nothing. Consumers can clear these cookies to clear the randomly generated identity Kissmetrics generated. What information is tied to that random identity is controlled by our customers. We provide a suite of tools that allow our customers to pass in data relevant to their site providing a unique view that lets companies make key decisions in improving their users' experiences.

  • For more information about what Kissmetrics can do for your business please see this page.
  • If you have questions about how Kissmetrics works from a technical aspect please see our Technical Documentation.
  • For information on User Privacy and to opt-out of Kissmetrics tracking on all sites you visit please see our User Privacy page.
  • Also you may wish to read our own Privacy Policy.

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