Easily integrate Kissmetrics with the apps and platforms you are already using. Connect all of your business critical apps back to our customer-focused analytics so you can achieve a 360 degree view of your online audience.

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Many marketers can’t access code or don’t feel comfortable managing multiple Javascript snippets. Segment changes that approach. Use a single hub to manage a variety of tool implementations so that it’s easy to start using them without a specific code change each time. Route your advertising, analytics, support and developer data through Segment. Look for a separate installation path with Segment when you sign up for Kissmetrics.

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Live Chat

Want to know how chat functionality changes your conversion and revenue? The LiveChat integration with Analyze allows you to segment visitors to compare behavior between visitors who used chat and those who didn’t. It also gives you more detailed insight on chat-specific events and actions like greetings, tickets and surveys.

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Connect your shopping cart to your analytics by using this WordPress plugin. The Kissmetrics JavaScript will be automatically installed with important events and properties already set up. With this integration, you can quickly started with Analyze’s e-commerce site best practices or by using Engage for special offers.

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Use the Kissmetrics app for your Shopify store to get e-commerce customer analytics from the start, or as soon as you decide to start online sales.

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Do you know how your A/B test variants impact your conversions? With the Kissmetrics and Optimizely integration, you can determine if a homepage test that resulted in more signups did in fact impact your revenue. Or, you can see how changing your pricing page will affect your audience’s behavior over time. Improve the right conversions and enable Kissmetrics for your next A/B test, simply by going to the Integrations tab on the homepage of Optimizely.

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Personalize your email marketing for higher conversions. Email specific segments–like those who viewed a certain product, signed up, but didn’t purchase–by sending a list from Kissmetrics to MailChimp.

Then, measure your ROI from these email campaigns and see if people ultimately convert into customers, even if it’s months after opening your email. Track how these email campaigns impact revenue–because opens and click-throughs aren’t enough to determine success.

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