Kissmetrics’ connection with HubSpot’s CRM and Marketing Hub uses behavioral analytics to complete the customer picture.

By connecting Kissmetrics with your Hubspot account, you will be able to enrich any customer profile in Hubspot with data from Kissmetrics.

Want to know if any of your leads have entered any of your important behavioral segments? This integration is the answer. See when someone enters a Kissmetrics Population on the Hubspot contact timeline and use this information as logic in any of your filters or Hubspot marketing programs.

At the same time, you will pull in important properties from Hubspot to drive conversion analytics in Kissmetrics.

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This integration is free for subscribers of both Kissmetrics and HubSpot

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Setup Help

Follow the steps below to get setup with this integration.

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Need some help? Kissmetrics can help you with this integration.

Setup with HubSpot CRM

Step 1

Go to Settings in the top-right corner of the Kissmetrics platform and select Product Settings.

HubSpot Integration Setup Step 1

Step 2

Select Data Integrations under Site Settings.

HubSpot Integration Setup Step 2

Step 3

Select the Hubspot option.

HubSpot Integration Setup Step 3

Step 4

Select Connect with Hubspot and log into your Hubspot account.

HubSpot Integration Setup Step 4

Step 5

After selecting an Active Population, you must choose an Update condition:

  • Only update existing contacts: will only update existing Hubspot Contacts with Kissmetrics data
  • Update existing or create new contact: will update existing Hubspot Contact with Kissmetrics data AND create a new Hubspot contact if she or he does not already exist. Note: This option may increase your total number of Hubspot contacts and consequently your Hubspot pricing plan.
HubSpot Integration Setup Step 5

Note: It may take up to a few hours for large Kissmetrics data sets to load for the first time in Hubspot.
When you’ve finished configuring your account, hop on over to Hubspot to check out the Populations data in Contacts and the Marketing Hub!

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