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30% Lift in Conversions Across Home and Product Tour Pages

Lucidchart makes it easy for millions of users to sketch and share professional diagrams.

The business challenge

These days, a website has to do a lot more than just look pretty. It has to drive leads, increase conversions, and boost engagement as well. So when the team at Lucidchart finished a re-design of their site, their first order of business was to test all the new pages to see how they performed. To get the insight they needed, the team turned to Kissmetrics.

How Kissmetrics helped

Using both the A/B Test and Funnel Report, the Lucidchart team tracked and analyzed how visitors interacted with their pages. With the A/B Test Report, the team set up multiple tests for their new homepage and product tour pages. Then, using the Funnel Report, Lucidchart tracked how different segment of visitors were interacting and converting within those pages.

The results

After running the A/B tests and analyzing the Funnel Report, the marketing team at Lucidchart determined that the new homepage design and one of the new product tour pages improved conversions by over 30%

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