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Customer Churn Cut in Half and a 10x Increase in Upgrades

Mention allows users to track, analyze, and react to what’s being said about their brand on the web and social web.


When it comes to evaluating company performance, one of the best indications of business health is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). Like most companies who use NPS, Mention wanted to dig deeper to understand what made some customers rate their business higher than others. So they turned to Kissmetrics to uncover the insight would refine their product, and reduce churn.


Mention was eager to use the context of their NPS score to whittle down a select group of their customers and analyze their behavior to understand what common characteristics they shared. The team figured that by understanding and developing the profile of the most “successful” user, they could double down on making sure other customers had the same kinds of positive experiences with their product. To kick the project off, Guillaume Cabane, Head of Marketing at Mention, started using the Kissmetrics Filters feature to find all customers who participated in the NPS survey, pulling out groups that left both “high” and “low” NPS scores for Mention. By identifying different groups of customers this way, the team could then pass those users through the Kissmetrics Cohort Report, which allowed them to see exactly which product milestones they hit most often, and how that influenced whether they stayed a customer or churned. In addition, the team also utilized the Funnel Report, drilling down even deeper to analyze behavior and highlight areas of improvement in their product.


As a result of Mention’s efforts to relate NPS data to customer data they tracked in Kissmetrics, the team refined their product, saw a staggering 10x increase in upgrades, and cut churn in half. While their efforts were thorough and strategic, they credit Kissmetrics with giving them the tools they needed to make tangible improvements. Guillaume explained, “Our results were only possible because of Kissmetrics… With any other tool our strategies wouldn’t have worked, because it wouldn’t have been possible to attach NPS scores of individual users in the way that we needed.” Watch Mention’s webinar to learn how you can use Net Promoter Scores with Kissmetrics.

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