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Will Fleiss is the Head of Content Marketing at Outbrain, the world’s largest content discovery platform. Outbrain brings personalized online content recommendations to audiences and helps publishers understand their audiences through data.

The business challenge

We have so many channels that generate traffic and conversions—search, social, discovery, display, organic–making it difficult to analyze what’s effective.

My major focus is measuring the ROI of our content marketing. We publish a lot of content on our company blog and help center to acquire new customers and inspire existing ones. I wanted to know what content contributes to conversion, and when in their path that content has the biggest impact.

And to make things even more complicated, our users are seeking out information and signing up on different devices. So it’s very hard to link activities from the same user, cross-device.

But one way to tackle the attribution problem is to create a link between online activities to an actual individual. This is what we do with Kissmetrics.

How Kissmetrics helped

Before we implemented our attribution model using Kissmetrics data, we were driving blind with our paid media spend.

But having Kissmetrics allows us to see campaign data right inside our web analytics tool. Now we’re able to more accurately see where traffic is coming from and allocate based on actual ROI.

We can now look at our spend and results that we’re driving across PPC channels like Google, Facebook, Outbrain, and Twitter, or organic channels like, SEO and content marketing. That level of visibility allows us to better allocate our marketing budget and people’s time to projects.

By tracking which content pages each person reads, I can create funnel reports that show the specific content(s) that an exact lead or customer has viewed. I can even segment further by seeing that data in cohorts and groups.

It would be extremely difficult to understand the customer journey and measure the ROI of content without being able to tie a “read event” or download action back to a specific person.

Although individual actions are important, it’s just as important to see metrics at a higher level to spot trends and manage the entire marketing funnel. I use Google Analytics a lot for that, but we’re increasingly seeing our reports be based on “sample data,” making the accuracy of these aggregate reports very questionable.

The results

With Kissmetrics I feel confident with the data that’s being reported because I can drill in to see the actual behavior of any individual from their first to last activity right before the conversion takes place (first and last touch).

Because we’re tracking our ROI and attributing correctly, we know where to spend out time and budget, and we saw a 10% increase of customers quarter over quarter.

Our entire acquisition team leverages Kissmetrics for channel attribution and funnel conversion optimization. Our retention and product teams also use Kissmetrics to measure the impact of campaigns and product improvements on customer engagement.

I love all the extra touches that Kissmetrics as a brand provides outside of their product. The Kissmetrics resources are second to none. They are extremely helpful during onboarding, and provide a go-to destination for tons of marketing best practices that we often reference. If I can’t figure something out I can always call their support. They have a team of superstars there. Everyone I’ve reached out to is extremely responsive and help me create custom reports if I need it.

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