Power Report

Power Report

Knowing which customers took which actions can be the unveiling of your company’s most important secrets. With the Kissmetrics Power Report, you can get quick answers to your hardest business questions—where you don’t want to guess, and where you can ultimately prove your worth. By looking at our own product feature use, we know this Kissmetrics business intelligence report is the most valuable to many of our own customers.

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SQL Expertise Not Required

How many times have you been left short on a necessary business decision because the data was too hard to pull? Or worse, because you didn’t have the information at all? With the increasing complexity of marketing data, it’s easy to not know where to start, not find what you need, and not be able to retrieve it yourself. Then there’s the conflicting priorities, back and forth on budget, and uncertainty about lead quality. Who wants to learn database queries in their spare time? With Power Report, you can quickly and painlessly arrive at data-driven answers to critical business questions.

Compare Marketing Channels, Top to Bottom Line

Power Report can answer many different questions. As long as you have the data, you can get the answers. And as a marketer, you’re always working to optimize your campaigns and prove that your decisions were right. ROI is the name of the game. One key victory is to acquire more of the customers that will stay loyal to your brand, your product, and your business. Until now, it may have been difficult without database queries to get your hands on the data that can be sliced and diced from different angles. But with Power Report, just enter your report criteria:

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In this example, referral traffic is one of the best channels for customer retention. By revealing this, you now know to spend more effort getting quality referral links from similar websites. And the payoff: you’ll get customers that are less likely to cancel.

Discover the Details Across Activities

Optimizing for signups is great, but what about the activities after signup? How do signup rates compare with average revenue per person and total revenue generated per channel? This is a question Power Report can answer by looking at three metrics:

  • Conversion rate from visited site – signed up
  • Total revenue
  • Average revenue per person

It’s all segmented by marketing channel. Here’s the data:

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In the report above, we see that higher conversion rates aren’t necessarily correlated with higher revenue. So in a never-ending quest to increase conversion rates, Power Report can tell you whether you’re focusing on optimizing the best channels.

Get the Whole Story for Data-Informed Decisions

Your best decisions are made when you have supporting data. And it’s critical that your data isn’t incomplete, telling you only half of the story. Dive into all of the details without huge database queries and time-consuming data pulls. See how everything across your marketing works together to create conversions, revenue, and more customers. Compare all of your metrics and KPIs to see how customer actions, segments, and experiments affect your business objectives—all in one place.
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