KISSmetrics Customer Web Analytics

KISSmetrics fits businesses of any size.

14-day unlimited free trial. No obligation, no credit card required.

The basics: Customer tracking and reporting.


$200 / MO

Up to 500,000 events / month

Advanced tools for complex business problems.


$700 / MO

Up to 5 million events / month


$2000 / MO

Up to 20 million events / month




Over 20 million events / monthContact Us

All Plans Have:

Every plan has unlimited tracking of people. People are the lifeblood of your business, we don’t limit that.

  • Free Setup Guidance
  • Unlimited Funnel Reports
  • Unlimited Cohort Reports
  • Unlimited Retention Reports
  • Unlimited Customer Profiles
  • Unlimited Group Contact Lists
  • No-Limit Conversion Periods

    For example, a visitor can do an action any time in the past whether it be 30 days or 6 months prior to a conversion event and still be counted towards a conversion. KISSmetrics has no limit to which it measures conversion activity.

  • Email Support
  • Unlimited Testing/Staging Sandboxes
  • Segment Data By Any Point in Time

    For example, reports can be segmented limited to their date range as well as the first or last ever occurrence of a segment being assigned.

  • Real Time Data Monitoring/Debugger Tool
  • Multi and Cross Platform/Device Support
  • Data Export

Basic and Professional Plans Have:

  • Onboarding Specialist

    A dedicated resource to help you with the initial set up of your KISSmetrics account. Aid in identifying the events to track as well as help you ensure that data is passing accurately in your first 14 days.

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

    One to one relationship with a digital marketing expert to ensure you are tracking the best events for your business as well as identifying areas of success within your metrics. Up to one hour a month of consulting including a quarterly metrics snapshot.

  • Email & Phone Support
  • Increased Storage Capacity

    Additional 100 million events per month thereafter above 150 million events per month for $1499 per month or $14,999 per year additional.

Our Professional Plan can scale to billions of events per month and provides you with advanced analysis tools. We are here to get you set up quickly!

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Common Questions

How does the 14-day free trial work?

There’s no risk, no obligation and no credit card required. You can cancel your account at any time by simply clicking on the “account settings” link on your dashboard.

What is an event?

An event is something important a person does on your website or app. KISSmetrics helps you track whenever someone does an event e.g. “Visited Site” or “Completed Checkout”.

What if I go over my plan limits?

During the 14-day free trial there are no overage fees. After the 14-day trial is over you will not be charged any overage fees for the first month that you go over. After that, you will be automatically upgraded to a higher plan and you will be charged for that plan.

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