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Paid annually
20% off monthly plan
Up to 50,000 MTP
+ $100 per 50,000Monthly Tracked People
Analyze Reports
  • Metrics, Activity, People, Funnel, Cohort
  • Up to 5 active
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Up to 250,000 Emails/month
  • Email
  • In-app chat
  • Dedicated CSMCustomer Success Manager for onboarding
  • Ongoing success webinars
  • Partner services available


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Over 250,000 MTPMonthly Tracked People
Analyze Reports
  • Metrics, Activity, People, Funnel, Cohort, A/B Test, SQL
  • Custom
  • Unlimited Profiles
  • Above 1,000,000 Emails/month
  • Email
  • In-app chat
  • Phone
  • Dedicated CSMCustomer Success Manager
  • Set-up, onboarding and best practices consulting
  • Partner services available

Common questions

What’s an MTP?

Monthly Tracked People are unique visitors that engage in an Event on your website or with your product, that gets tracked by you in Kissmetrics.

An MTP can be anonymous or identified.

An Event is any behavior that Kissmetrics tracks as determined by you. Kissmetrics tracks all sorts of Events like: page visits, video plays, app or PDF downloads, signups, clicks, purchases, and so on.

Properties are additional bits of information that describe your users and their Events. Learn more about Kissmetrics Analyze to see how Events and Properties work together for you to gain insight into everything people do.

What’s a Population?

A Population is a powerful way to track and monitor a segment of people. You define Populations based on any profile information or behavior Events and we automatically track and report on that Population on an ongoing basis.

What is Campaigns?

Campaigns is the email campaign automation functionality in Kissmetrics. You use Campaigns to create and manage the delivery of email campaigns to any customer segments you define.

Profiles are unique email addresses you store in Kissmetrics as part of your total email audience.

Emails are simply the number of emails that you send per month.

How are the levels of support different for each plan?

For the Growth plan, you get a dedicated resource to help you get onboarded. After that, you can access support via in-app chat or you can email our support team and they can answer questions you have and help troubleshoot any issues.

With our Power and Enterprise plans you can also call a dedicated support specialist (CSM) directly who can expedite your request, and consult you on things such as: creating additional reports, setting-up campaigns and train your team members. In addition, an account manager is ready to assist with customized planning, hands-on consulting and dedicated support, tailored to your business needs.

Are there any setup fees? How do I implement?

There is no setup fee. However, you can purchase training sessions or have one of our implementation partners set up Kissmetrics for you for a fee. Read more about services options.

What if I exceed my plan’s limit?

If you exceed your limit for your billing period you will either be (a) charged a prorated overage charge for the month based on your current plan’s cost per MTP or (b) automatically upgraded to the next level plan for the remainder of your subscription period. We will always choose the less expensive option for you.

Any questions? sales@kissmetrics.com

Kissmetrics onboarding services

Standard onboarding service is included

Gives you the training and support you need, to get started with Kissmetrics and headed in the right direction. Including:
  • A dedicated Customer Success Rep for your first 60-days
  • Web-based training for up to 5 additional team members
  • Guided implementation support
  • Strategic account set-up, including:
    • Initial Population creation
    • Initial analytics report set-up
    • Sample Campaign creations
  • Monthly check-ins for first 3 months

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