The Customer Engagement
Automation Platform

Analyze + Populations + Campaigns

Kissmetrics combines behavioral analytics, segmentation and email campaign automation to
deeply understand and engage your customers every step of the way.

Kissmetrics Analyze

Get the insights you need, to deliver what they want.

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See what’s working, what’s not and who’s doing it–across your website and products.

Out-of-the-box behavior reports for you to slice through and find meaningful insights.

No sampling or history limits with Kissmetrics. Track everything and keep it forever.

Kissmetrics Populations

Know the health of your key growth segments, and your business.

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Track your key growth segments and see the potential impact on your business.

We curate data and reports about your Populations so you don’t have to spend time digging for insights.

Know which Populations need your focus and initiatives to stay ahead of your goals.

Kissmetrics Campaigns

Get people from prospect-to-advocate with engaging, automated emails.

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Deliver behavior based, automated emails to keep people engaged every step of the way.

Create beautiful, targeted emails for both single-shot and ongoing automated campaigns.

Tightly integrated with Analyze for building target segments and measuring campaign impact beyond opens and clicks.


Sean Ellis, Founder and CEO of GrowthHackers

“I see Kissmetrics Customer Engagement Automation as a breakthrough and essential tool for growth marketers and product teams. Having deep behavior analytics and email campaign automation in the same tool makes it way easier to continuously measure and optimize your key growth initiatives.”


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