Convert the right customers and build the best product

Understanding customers is complicated. Kissmetrics makes it easy for SaaS.

Learn where your best
customers come from.

Finding new customers is far from easy, and turning them into repeat customers is even harder. And we marketers need to justify every dollar spent on a campaign.

Here’s a look at revenue metrics in Kissmetrics, broken down by the first traffic source.

Once you know where your most valuable customers are coming from, you can get more conversions from these channels.

Here you’ll see only 0.4% of your total site visits swipe their credit cards.

What’s keeping the other 99.6% from converting from your free trial?

Once you form hypotheses, you can run A/B tests to get more of your visitors to sign up or convert to paid customers.

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Find out who your best customers are.

The truth is, Google Analytics won’t tell you who your best customers are and what they’re like.

“After multiple rounds of testing and analyzing customer behavior over only a few weeks, we saw a 50% increase in our users entering the checkout process and an additional 20% improvement in the number of users purchasing a subscription.”
– Alex Acker, Marketing & Insights at Nitro

Kissmetrics will show you a profile of every visitor that makes it to your site or in your app.

Each individual profile might not give you significant findings at scale. But combine all this data with all of your visits, and you’ll know exactly who to target.

Build a better product by measuring what users are doing in the app.

Let’s say you have a new feature called “Report Wizard” that just rolled out last month. You’ll want to see how many people are actively using this feature.

By running a Funnel Report, you can see that zero users have used the Report Wizard of those who have logged in the past month.

To point people to this new feature, you can trigger a notification after someone logs in:

But remember, to keep your customers loyal, you need to understand what they want. With a quick search in Kissmetrics, you can pull a list of your most active users.

You’ve got their emails, now you can reach out and get their feedback.

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How do I set this up?

The amount of time it will take to implement a customer analytics tool will depend on your 1) resources available and 2) your processes in place.

We’ve seen implementation happen in anywhere from 3 hours to 2 weeks. It all depends on your level of preparation and how many integrations you need.

That said, here are 3 ways to get started:

1. Identify the top metrics that directly impact growth.
if you already solidified the top 3 metrics and the top 5 events you want to start tracking, you’ll save a ton of time during implementation. It’s like planning out the directions to your destination before you start driving.

2. Install the JavaScript and use our codeless tracking tool.
You’ll need a developer’s help (unless you can do this yourself, of course!) installing the Kissmetrics JavaScript code onto every page of your website. After that, you can save them time by tracking most of the events yourself without writing code.

3. Send us the exact data you want.
If you want to customize the data you send us, you have many options to choose from if you want to track key events and conversions on your website. Or turn Kissmetrics on right within Segment. We’ll go over this when you request a consultation.

Here’s what to do next:

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